Our Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and Related Policies
Scivita Medical Green Policy (Environmental Policy)

Basic Policy

In order to practice the concept of green development, reduce negative impacts of the company's production and office activities on the environment, and actively achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, the company has established a long-term environmental protection policy of "Creating a green factory, improving the ecological environment". We will strive to make contributions to the creation of a green factory and the protection of regional ecological environment by improving employees' awareness of environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, setting up environmental improvement objectives, and monitoring environmental performance.

Action Guidelines

Improve Employees' Environmental Awareness

1. Formulate the company's environmental protection policy/regulation(s), and require all departments of the company to jointly comply with and implement it.
2. Products produced meet the requirements of national environmental protection.
3. Regularly carry out environmental protection training to enhance employees' awareness of environmental protection.

Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

1. To save energy, such as controlling and managing the consumption of water, electricity, gas, etc.
2. To reduce the company's energy consumption, and encourage the recycling and reuse of resources.
3. To apply green energy such as solar energy to factory construction.

Set Up Environmental Improvement Objectives

1. Establish annual environmental improvement goals to promote sustainable development.
2. Properly adjust current and future operations to improve the performance of environmental improvement.
3. To discuss environmental improvement measures with all departments.

Monitor Environmental Performance

1. To comply with the national and regional environmental protection policies, and ensure that the company's operations complies with the standards.
2. Responsible for the supervision and management of the company's wastewater, waste gas, boundary noise, hazardous waste and other environmental factors.
3. To audit the implementation of the company’s environmental protection to inspect and correct the deficiencies in the process of operation activities.

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